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Magnetic bib number belt

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Magnetic bib number belt Details

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BibBits - Magnetic bib number belt

Have you had enough of having to maltreat your high-quality running textiles with safety pins? You don't want to use a start number belt either?
Then the BibBits are just right for you! These magnetic holders have been specially developed to attach bib numbers to your running shirt or jacket easily, quickly, safely and comfortably, without damaging the expensive functional fibres.


The BibBits have the following advantages:

Simple, fast and secure attachment of the bib number on all textiles by strong magnets.
Inner magnet is small and round.
Very comfortable to wear, no chafing, no rubbing.
Extremely light (20 g per set), hardly noticeable!
Rounded corners and edges.
Protects your running textiles!
Protects your bib number!
The bib number can be attached where the organiser says it should be.

With BibBits we guarantee a perfect fit throughout the race!
Best of all, BibBits is lightweight and with its rounded corners it is very comfortable to wear. No more need for safety pins or race number tapes, and no more running clothes being riddled with holes all the time.


A set of BibBits consists of 8 strong magnets: 4 rectangular ones for the front, 4 round ones for the inside.

Dimensions front: 2 cm wide x 1.5 cm high.



BibBits are not toys! Please keep them out of reach of children.

BibBits must not be brought into contact with objects that can be destroyed by magnetic fields. For example, credit cards or admission cards.

Attention: BibBits can affect pacemakers!

If your bib number has an integrated timing chip, please do not place the BibBits near the chip.