Malia Clemons

Malia Clemons

Malia has been married for 23 years and used to think her husband was CRAZY for running marathons, yet ran her 1st marathon with two toddlers a few years later. Running has always been her outlet and she used to not worry about miles or pace. Mailia ran through cancer treatment as it helped her heal emotionally as well as physically. When she decided she wanted to BQ in January 2012, she followed a training plan and has been in training mode ever since. She has a couple breaks throughout the year where she runs without a plan, but tends to have Spring and Fall races to train for. Although she is in her mid 40’s, she has big dreams and big goals and is still chasing them.


The Hibiscus Half Marathon on O’ahu is her favorite local race. Malia’s favorite marathon is the Napa Valley Marathon.


Malia has three kids, two that are in college, and one who runs for Northern Arizona University. Contrary to popular belief, she was not named after President Obama’s daughter (Seriously. She has been asked that multiple times!) Malia was born and raised on O’ahu yet has fallen in love with Colorado and snow running!

Hometown: Monument, Colorado

Career Highlights:
• 3:25 at the Honolulu Marathon (HI)
• 1:31 at Hibiscus Half Marathon (HI)
• RRCA Hawaii 2015 Female Master’s Champion Half Marathon

Favorite Snack: Green Smoothie

Favorite Shoe: Distance V Distance V

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