Jana Fuller

Jana Fuller

At six years old Jana joined a competitive swimming team and over the years she has won five gold medals in 100 meters free style for the Czech Republic. She picked up running about ten years ago and has been hooked ever since. She usually runs five or six days a week and averages anywhere from 20 to 50 miles when she is training for a marathon. In her free time she enjoys walks, obedience training and playing fetch with her Doberman named Diesel.


When time permits Jana volunteers at local races. Two years ago she started a park run with two little girls. Eventually she made a summer challenge to finish a distance of 26.2 miles in 30 days and later added on a 5K and 13.1 mile challenge completed with raceing bibs and finisher medals!


Clearwater Distance Classic


Jana claims she can’t sing but she sings all the time- out loud and when running. Jana claims she is the “biggest klutz ever!” She broke her toe the day before her first marathon. However, she still ran and finished.

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Career Highlights:
• Clearwater marathon (3:52:33)
• Iron Girl half marathon (1:43:37)
• St. Pete Beach 5K 1st

Favorite Snack: Dried Cherries

Favorite Shoe: Distance V Distance V

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