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NipGuards Details

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The original NipGuards nipple plasters protect absolutely reliably against chafing and abrasion.

Many runners struggle with chafed nipples over long distances. Even highly functional running shirts often cannot solve this problem. Lubricants such as Vaseline are washed away by sweat and contaminate the clothing. Other plasters do not stick to hairy breasts or come off .

With their recess and a protective foil, they have been developed only for this purpose and accordingly they function one hundred percent.

NipGuards reliably protect you at all running distances. In triathlon you can apply the plasters even before swimming.

After use, simply pull it off again or wait until it comes off when showering. Economical foxes can then stick it back onto the backing foil and use it two or three more times if necessary.


Sales unit: A box with 10 pairs of nipple plasters.