Jackie Hering

Jackie Hering

Jackie is a Wisconsin born and raised long distance triathlete entering her sixth year of professional racing. She grew up as a swimmer and started running while in college at UW LaCrosse. She soon became interested in triathlons. Post college she worked full time and started racing all distance triathlons as a way to stay in shape. She did her first Ironman (at Ironman WI) in 2008 and qualified for the World Championships. She raced two more years as an age-grouper before turning pro in 2011. Eventually she left her job as a pharmaceutical chemist to pursue triathlon racing and coaching full time. She loves training, racing and teaching others about the sport. She now has a youth and adult triathlon team in the Madison area and puts on a snowshoe running series in the winter and a swim race in the summer.


Jackie has been running in Newtons for two to three years. Since switching to newtons she has been injury free and running faster than ever!


Jackie loves running the Indian Lake trails.


Jackie is a new mom to a sweet baby boy! Jackie also has a great running partner – a 1 year old Vizsla named Stewart.

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Career Highlights:
• Ironman WI 2013 Champion
• Buffalo Springs 70.3 2015 Champion
• Four Time Ironman World Championship finisher

Favorite Snack: Oatmeal with honey

Favorite Shoe: Distance V Distance V

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