Chris McDonald

Chris McDonald

After spending his late teens and early 20’s becoming the best party animal he could, Chris had ballooned to 240 pounds and needed to make a change. Thankfully for Chris, his brothers had found triathlons as a hobby and he followed them into the sport. After competing in 5 Ironmen competitions as an ager, Chris decided to give the “pro” thing a go. Fast forward 12 years, Chris has competed in 48 Ironmen competitions; 40 top 10 finishes and 25 top 5 placings. “Back when I was 240 pounds, I would’ve laughed at you if you told me I would win just one title.”


Chris loves to run on back roads and trails. A good hard favorite of his, is the poor mans loop in Boulder, but he also loves an easy long run on the North Boulder trail system.


He is a HUGE country music fan.

Hometown: Boulder,CO

Career Highlights:
• Ironman Louisville: current course record holder.
• Ironman Tahoe: current course record holder
• ’08 Ironman Wisconsin

Favorite Shoe: Motion V Motion V

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