Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis

Ashley is a former sports reporter turned military wife and full-time mommy to two little ones. She was born with hip dysplasia and taught herself how to walk correctly through running as a kid. During her first year of college, she ran her first marathon in 3:52 — on what turned out to be a fractured hip. A doctor predicted a hip replacement by the time she was 30 if she kept running, which scared her away from any real miles for nearly eight years. After having her second baby, she decided enough was enough, and that she was going to be a runner! She laced up her Newtons and hasn’t looked back! (Happily, her hip is doing just fine.)


Ashley’s husband and Ashley are heavily involved with their local endurance club, Balanced Art Multisport. Most summer weekends are spent either competing, cheerleading, or volunteering at their local races! She also loves the incredibly supportive running community found on social media, and has developed friendships with runners around the world through her instagram account @ahappypace.


Ironman Texas


Ashley loves traveling, is well-versed in all things Disney, and makes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. She means, salads. ;-)

Hometown: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Career Highlights:
• Ironman Texas
• 3:21 Marathon (BQ!)
• 3X Ironman (PR: 11:56)

Favorite Snack: Yogurt with granola

Favorite Shoe: Gravity V Gravity V

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