30 Day Return/Exchange Guarantee

We offers our customers a 30-day, no questions asked return/exchange policy for merchandise purchased at NewtonRunning.eu when unused and are sent back in the original carton. The detailed cancellation rights can be found here.

I didn’t get my shoes from NewtonRunning.eu. Now what?

We encourage you to make your purchases through certified Newton retailers only.
The following domains are managed by us:
NewtonRunning.at, NewtonRunning.ch, NewtonRunning.lu, NewtonRunning.nl, NewtonRunning.fr, NewtonRunning.de, Newton-Running.de, NewtonRunning.dk.
If your shoes were not purchased directly on our website's, you’ll need to contact your place of purchase. Please note, retail partners all maintain their own return and exchange policies.
Shoes purchased through a third-party channel (eBay, Amazon, etc.):
Third-party sellers are not certified retailers, and thus, not subject to the same standards of quality control. In the event of returns, exchanges and other issues with unsatisfactory product, you must contact the seller.


Newton Running shoes have an expected lifespan of 550 - 800 kilometre, plus or minus based on the form and efficiency of the given runner. The Newton MV3 and Tri Racer is minimal racing flat, with a life expectancy between 250 - 400 kilometre.

Cancellation rights

The legal cancellation rights shall not be affected. The cancellation rights can be found here.
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