Chris Zablocki

Chris Zablocki

Christopher has loved running since he can remember. He was on a soccer team at a young age, and at every practice and game he would hope his soccer team would be bad so their coach would order them to run laps! In high school, Christopher was cut from the freshman soccer team and was told by his XC Coach, (Coach Michalski) “Getting cut was the best thing that has ever happened to you!”


Christopher has coached several runners to all successfully complete (and finish in the top half!) the “Kwajalein Atoll Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Test Base Marathon,” while teaching at Jaluit Atoll High School. Christopher has also coached students at his former middle school (St. John – Old Saybrook), as well as some of the children of people he has met at the hospital.


Jaluit Atoll: the airstrip, Dartmouth: Oak Hill Trails and Pine Park, Essex CT: the Valley Railroad tracks to the Preserve trails, Chichester UK: Centurion Way, Lublin Poland: Zalew Zemborzycki cycle path and trails, St. Martin: the lagoon loop and golf course


Received 29 chits while attending USMC OCS

Hometown: Essex, CT

Career Highlights:
• 1st place finish at the 2017 Miami Marathon
• 1st place finish at the 2017 Carlsbad Marathon
• Holds the course record at the Swiss City 1/2 Marathon in a time of 1:05:42.

Favorite Snack: Kale and Babka

Favorite Shoe: Distance Elite Distance Elite